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Saturday, May 19, 2018


This year, the 2018 Member-Guest was moved one week back from normal: usually it is held the Saturday before Mothers' Day, thus, had we kept the same date, it would have been a great day for golf, and, it would have been before the anniversary of the tornado. This year, I'm glad it was after the anniversary of the tornado. There is no special reason, it just felt that those who participated, truly enjoy being members here.
"Anniversary Reunion" May 16-2018

Let's go a few days back to the anniversary of the tornado. We had Channel 5 here, asking questions about the effects of the tornado, recovery, etc. We had a group of people, mostly members, who organized a get-together last Wednesday May 16. I met new people -neighbors who don't play golf who got affected by the tornado. it a reunion, and in some ways, needed to be before the annual members' gathering for a golf tournament.

The change in date also gave us a day in which we had to call the golfers in twice due to dangerous weather close to Elk City. Happily, the storm went around us and it only sprayed a few drops of water with a few scary "noises". I hope it rains tonight... way after the tournament!

I felt that many who played today truly enjoy being members at Elk City Golf & C.C. and wish other had a little more patience, so, I was even going to play in the tournament, but my partner had medical orders that made him cancel. It's okay, we will have another chance, and though it was the smallest field in the Member-Guest since I came to Elk City, it was the "warmest" and most appreciative. In many ways, I can identify with a "connection" to each one of the members who played, and many of the guests, some of whom have been coming for years.

As usual, the tournament was started with a horse race on Friday afternoon, which always brings a crowd. It was won by Ann Cowan and son Michael on the last hole after Michael made a 15 footer that went right in the middle of the hole. Second place belonged to Logan Gore and bother Jonathan who missed from about 13 feet, and third place went to David Scheberger and Kallen Nichols who were eliminated on #8.

The tournament field was divided in three flights while Paul Gunkel, Brad Gilbert and Carter Muncrief expertly grilled hamburgers and pork chops for the participants, right next to the scoreboard placed under the canopy-cart port by the temporary clubhouse. It was a blast, and it was as if everyone who was there, truly enjoyed not having a clubhouse. This was definitely a "club's tournament"... a members tournament.
It was the fourth year in a row that Cameron Bumgarner and Shawn Dunphey from Arizona came to play in the tournament. Come back!

The field was divided in three flights, and the winners were:

1st (57) Aaron Kauk - Bret Matlock
2nd (59) Keegan Hall - Toby Davis
3rd (62) Rusty Wilson - Brandon Engel

1st (67) Blane Short - Adam Pennington (*)
2nd (67) Jeff Smoot - Donny Burson
3rd (68) David Schneberger - Kallen Nichols

1st (72) Jonathan Butcher - Jared Williams
2nd (73) Jeff Rule - Lynn Bailey
3rd (73) Aaron Kamphaus - Don Patterson

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Tournament: Click Tournament

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