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Monday, August 15, 2011


As one who for the first time was part of the Tumbleweed Couples tournament, I can appreciate that our membership is a great and gracious host, which may be the main reason of why many of the visiting couples, several who come from as far as 5-7 hours driving distance, place the Tumbleweed Couples on top of their list every year. Judging from what I have seen as a newcomer, perhaps just a natural thing in all of Elk City in general.

But of course we will
pose for a snap shot!
Kevin & Ginger Giles
Taylor Neidy stares her tee shot
on #4 which helped her and
David Dyson to a winning 56!
From the outside, our mixed couples event might be seen as just "another plain Jane" tournament; after all, every golf course can schedule a 2-Man Scramble for two days, make some money and get it over with. But at Elk City Golf & C.C. things are quite different: it is eveident that everything thought of revolves into making every local or visiting team feel "right at home". Of course, there are little things, which individually may seem insignificant, but which added together, add to great hospitality and make the event special and lot of fun to be part of.  

Paola Alvarez Bennett enjoys
old time manners & hospitality
of Grady Lantz
The event kicks off with "Horse Race" (or "Shootout") on Friday afternoon. Eleven mixed couples participated in this alternate shot event, in which a team or more, are eliminated in each hole (highest score goes out in each hole, and, if there is a tie for high score, it is broken with a "chip off"). The last three teams alive, are designated as: "win, place and show".

Then, of course, is the "main event": a "scramble" for 36 holes which adds a "Sunday only" competition which is optional. In between, there is a party, dinner/dance, gift bags, door prizes, live band, playoffs (all 36 hole ties are broken with a sudden death playoff).

Does this need explanation?
Dan & Lori McCann
Unique as well, is the way the flights are made and the "bump rule" (which everyone who had a bad first round for their skill level dreads to deal with), and, the different things done during play, such as cutting two holes on greens #5 and #18 and allowing teams to putt to the hole of their choice (when I went out to check out things and greet players during play, I had the luck of witnessing a birdie by all three teams in the same group on #18: Rob & Bonnie Lake and Tom & Patricia Bender made 15 footers on the front hole position, and Ron & Paula Walker made birdie from 3 feet in the back).  

"Sealed with a Kiss?" Explain
this: Dayva makes putt, but
Brad gets prize? Smart man!
Of course, many of these "extras" could not possibly happen without the hard work and ideas of those in charge (this year, Ann Cowan and Katy Womack could not have done a better job in their respective roles), and, last, but not least, several gracious and generous sponsors, all of whom only derive two benefits from their investment: a sincere "thank you" from the organizers and the pleasure of saying "yes, of course I'll help!" (for this year's sponsors list, click here). See you next year and, below are the results:

Horse Race: "Win" - Dustin & Haley Gunkel; "Place" - Brad & Dayva Spitzer; "Show" - Paul Gunkel & Tori Windsor. Best shot of the day: "chip in" by Tom Gilliland on #5 to stay alive during a chipoff... most untimely miss? Paul Gunkel's first putt on #8 which left daughter Tori with an almost impossible to make 2nd putt.

Oh yes! It fell in for birdie!
"Main Event" ("*" denotes won playoff):
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CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT: 1st (61-56/117) - David Dyson & Neidy Taylor;  2nd* (58-61/119) - David & Rachel Poole; 3rd (61-58/119) - Dustin & Haley Gunkel; 4th (62-64/126) Eddie & Mary Jane Repp.

Rob Lake celbrates after
wife Bonnie made birdie on 18
"A" FLIGHT: 1st* (64-62/126) Mike & Ann Cowan; 2nd (64-62/126) Rusty & Kelsi Wilson; 3rd* (63-64/127) Perry & Paige Adams; 4th* (64-63/127) Paul Gunkel & Tori Windsor (first out on the three way playoff were Dustin & Holly Mahoney, 67-60/127).

Kelsi Wilson displaying her
improved form. Hard work
always pays off!!
"B" FLIGHT: 1st (68-66/134) - Grady Lantz & Paola Alvarez; T 2nd (declined to do playoff and split prizes) Michael & Katy Womack (68-67/135) and Brian & Jami Young (70-65/135); 4th (72-65/137) Rob & Bonnie Lake.

Larry & Kelcee Millican, one
of several Father-Daughter teams
"C" FLIGHT: 1st* (73-70/143) Rodney & Sara Cloud; 2nd (74-69/143) Brian & Stacey Fox; 3rd* (74-71/145) Steve & Penny Frick; 4th (75-70/145) Allen & Kathy Robinson (first out of a three way playoff were Robert & Linda Roggendorf, 73-72/145).

Robert Roggendorf: "How
you like me now?" after a
very nice tww shot on #18
"D" FLIGHT: 1st* (80-73/153) Jerry & Cheryl Southerland; 2nd (80-73/153) Bobby & Nelda Kee; 3rd (80-74/154) Dewey & Rita Coats; 4th (79-76/155) Charlie Kauk & Ashley Morris.

Karen Sizemore: "Gimmie Five"
after long putt on #10
There were two "bumps": Roy & Nelda Maynard (73-69/142) who were leading their flight and their 4 shot improvement was one more than the "bump" number in this flight; and Jerry & Karen Sizemore (80-71/151) who had the round of their life and were bumped by 2.... it all leaves you wondering if  the "bump rule" should be tweeked with!

For pictures of the event, click here.

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