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Friday, August 19, 2011


Fix 2-3 Ball Marks
every round and your
greens will improve
-- "PLAYING THE COURSE AS YOU FIND IT"... It's in the rules of golf. Read Rule #13. But let's expand the term a bit. Let's not talk about bad lies in fairways, or trees in front of you (that some take out of play when using "lift, clean and place"), or tee markers position.. let's talk about our greens. Most people would agree that the surfaces are pretty nice and pretty full (or close to), and yes, most would agree that they are somewhat slow (to some, these feel like a 4-5 in the stimpmeter, but it is closer to 7-8). Like most, I also like faster surfaces, but I ask to all: Be patient, it is better to be overly cautious than to be a little over confident with this heat and pay grave consequences. Remember that our resources are not the same as other courses. ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY HELPING US FIXING BALL MARKS, YOURS AND OTHERS OF THOSE WHO FORGET!! SEE YOUR GREENS IMRPOVE!!

-- Will miss two kids at the golf course, David Clinton and Cody Lake. Both kids graduated and will be attending higher education nearby. David was the first person in Elk City, young or adult, who invited me to play with him after I took the job as golf professional. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed myself and how good it made me feel. I never had the chance to play with Cody, but saw him play a few times in the spring events with Elk City H.S., and he is intense, maybe too intense for his own good. He'll do good at whatever he chooses. Also coming back from summer work was smiley and long hitting, Keegan Hall who came to play a few holes the other day and hit a few balls.... OK kids (all of you five), whatever sport you do this fall, don't forget golf!

-- Played 9 holes with two high school students, one was Brock Walker who this summer elected not to play as much. One wonders what kind of player some people could be if they put more time into the game. Brock is one of those people. As is Berek Dyson and the whole golf team, now with upcoming member Logan Gray, who seems to like golf only. But one piece of advice to parents and players: golf is only a game, if your kids (and if you kids), like to do something else or experiment with some other sports, do so! Stay busy and out of trouble! There is room everywhere for your passion(s).

-- This all reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with some people about how good some people seem to be at what they do. I believe that to be good at something, you have to be somewhat selfish and do only one thing. A musician cannot be good if he does not have the will and motivation to practice 12-14 hours a day, maybe more. Football players cannot be good if they do not condition themselves and practice their plays over and over again, golfers cannot achieve greatness if they do not hit the dirt (Hogan's secret: "the secret is in the dirt") and do it with passion and fun. Can you imagine Shawn Wilson being the head librarian? I am sure he'd find a way to be good at it, but excellence comes when you perform within your talents and passion. Kids will find out what they like and will gravitate towards that. Don't ever put limitations on them!

-- Joby Gray continues his excellent play and earns 2nd place in a OGJA Tournament with 72-65, even after spotty putting and a last minute change in equipment (putter). Trust me, at that level of play, "blaming" equipment (putters, wedges and driver in that order are to "blame" for most bad shots) is usual among confident players... "It can't be me", they think. This time he was right. Keep it going kid!

-- In other topic, Joe Wynn, just two days after his birthday, shoots the round of his life (a 76) with pals Gaylan Edwards, Tony Turnbull, Ann Cowan and Andy Blankenship. Then came back and joined my dearest Ramona, and other 9 couples and played in the Couples Thursday night event, where his pals, Ann Cowan and Terry Anderson won with a net 30. Coincidentally it was Ann's birthday, so, friends and staff gave them a small surprise cake. Brad and Dayva Spitzer shot the best gross round of the night, a 31 that netted 2nd place (the Thursday Night Couples Scramble is now handicapped). Other couples last night were: Terry & Joyce Schones, Joe Bill & Soy Butler, Larry & Lana Hudgens, Gary & Jenatte Scott, Jerry & Jackie Oldham (the favorites last night along the Spitzers); Paul & Sharon Hill and Allen & Kathy Robinson, all of whom joined Ann and Joe for a slice of ice cream cake.
Joe Wynn (background) asking for
handicap adjustment from Ann, who
said, "all you get is a slice of cake".

-- And to end, Ann and Joe exchanged gifts, Joe received two Titleist balls and Ann two cute pink balls... just what she likes, uh?

And... That's all for today!

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