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Saturday, June 23, 2018


The tradition continues.

The Annual (and popular) Father-Son Tournament drew a total of 60 teams (including a few who doubled up and played with more than one team). As usual, we had several teams from out of town.
David Dyson and son Corby took first place overall with a crafty 59, and beat four teams by one shot. David also played with son Berek, they shot a 62.

This was the smallest field since 2011, the first year I handled this tournament in my arrival to Friendly Elk City USA, with some of those missing being out of town (the Gunkels had not missed one yet in the last seven years, but this year they were in Florida) and some former and current members who decided to skip it.

I personally had a great time. Usually, I don't play these local events, but have played this with my daughter Paola and husband Jeff as partners, now, this year I played with my grandson Sergio, who isn't a golfer (the way I played, maybe I'm not a golfer either! LOL). We had a great time playing with Ann Cowan & son Michael, who also played with his son Cooper. Thank you to Monica Finnigan from Weatherford for helping me with the scoring and thank you to my sister Chuchina who patiently followed us all 18 holes even though she is not a golfer (never took up the game, so she had never stepped in a sand trap... until this day!)

Here are the Results by Flight (Ties were split, there was not tie breaker):

59 - David - Corbin Dyson
60 - Rusty - Kelsi Wilson
60 - Gary - Luke Phillips
60 - Damon - Brayden Butcher
60 - Jimmy - Andrew Albert0

64 - Bobby - Blake Johnson
64 - Ann - Michael Cowan
64 - Donny Burson - Jacob Chouinard
64 - Bobby Wechsler - Luke Lewallen

66 - Mark Simpson - Sarah Copeland
67 - Chad - Cameron Marcum
67 - Quint - Bryler Nichols
67 - Kelly - Gerron Smith
67 - Jack - Jessica Coody

71 - Tana SMith - Will Malloy
71 - James - James Jr. Porter
71 - Jeff Smoot - Jacob Cupp

74 - Michael - Cooper Cowan
74 - James - Cameron Smithook
74 - Gary Jennings - James Womack
74 - Aaron - Kory Kamphaus

82 - Allen - David Robinson
84 - Justin - Drew Ediger
87 - Terry - Cassie Stone (Falen)

This year's traditional recipients of "Dad-Son Golfing Pictures" were Ann Cowan, David Dyson and Damon Butcher. These are people who make it a habit to play with family/kids outside a tournament.

Pictures: go to Facebook to the link: PhotosFathe'sDay 2018

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