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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Katie Womack, children in
hand did not keep her
from helping
Haley Gunkel & her "bosses"
--- Thanks to several volunteers (parents and members of the board), our junior camp ended with 40+ kids taking on the links and playing a few holes. A special thanks to Joe Wynn, Katie Womack, Laura Jay and Ann Cowan, all of whom took a group of juniors. Also helping were Joby Gray, Kelsi Wilson, Ramona (my best half) and our right hand at the pro-shop, Haley Gunkel who ended up not only taking a group, but also served as caddy when three girls could not carry the bags any longer! (For more photos of recent events - Tuesday League and Juniors-, click here)

"That Way!" Ann Cowan
helping grandson Cooper
Best individual score was young Tres Hill. Honorary mention to Jon Harguess, Conner Savage, Abigail Thomas and the youngest of the individual players, Cooper Cowan.. The best team effort belonged to Camden Jay, James Robinson, Christian Robinson, Brooke Sutton & Easton Pine. Honorary mention to the team of Tory Garrison, Guy Garrison, Fenix Wright, Samantha Cloud, and Justin Hardcastle.
Joe Wynn with his group on Thursday
"Thank you for not giving me the
little girl who asks all those questions
I have no answers for!"

Congratulations to all, and thanks to all the parents for their confidence in our staff .

The Rodney & Sara Cloud
family taking on the links
with kids one afternoon
--- It is great when you see families enjoy this great game together. And it is great to see youngsters in their teens come and enjoy the game by themselves or looking for a few players to join with. This is one way not only to enjoy the game, but also to help mentor kids. I encourage all of you adults, when you do not have a full group, invite a youngster to join you. YOU WILL BOTH LEARN FROM EACH OTHER!

Teacher of the Year, Tim Dewitt
and youngest son "playing a few"
in a sunny afternoon
--- We appreciate the cooperation of all of you concerning the care of the course. We hope this situation concerning the lack of water does not go for too long, but I assure you that the board is doing everything in their power to secure the necessary water to keep the golf course in good shape.

Brook McDonald, finds the
back of the range peaceful.
--- Favorite Golfers: I was recently riding around the course when I spotted Brook McDonald hitting some balls in the back of our practice area and stopped to say "hi". During the conversation, I was aked, "who is your favorite (professional) golfer?" Without hesitation, I answered "Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan". He said to me, "Mine is Tom Watson. He always smiles and looks as if he is really having fin". He is right, and I realized then that I have many other favorite golfers, some from this generation and some from the past, a list too long to write here. But Watson, Ballesteros, Mickelson, Trevino, Nelson (Byron and Larry), and of course The King, Arnold Palmer, come to mind. In "real life", most of my favorite golfers are all under 21. And of course, in my family I have many favorite golfers.... all of them!

--- Signing up for tournaments. We encourage members to sign up as soon as possible for all local events, and specially invitational events in which people from out out town join us for the fun. Whether it is a 4th of July event or the popular "Tumbleweed Couples", it is best when the members sign in sooner rather than later. It helps with the control of pairings, organization and planning. One thing we are doing now is to keep a list "in pencil", but no one is in "ink" until the entry fee is paid. When there is a limited field, those who pay first, members or not, are the ones who make the field. Members have the advantage of being here, use it by bringing your check for all events as soon as it is possible.

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