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Friday, August 17, 2018


Before I go into the tournament specifics and winners, allow me to thank all sponsors, especially those who do not participate or who do not have someone from their business participate in the tournament. Your contribution makes it easier on all organizers not only to give more and better prizes to the winners, door prizes; but also helps promote Elk City in general with a reputation of a great tournament visited by many, from Lubbock, TX to Tulsa, OK; and from Kansas to the Dallas area.

Every sponsorship is important, so thank you to: Moran Equipment (Josh Moran), Redbone Services (Wes Marshall), Great Plains Bank (Mark Russell, Tony Mikles, Jeff Waters), Barber-Dyson Ford (David Dyson), Spitzer Publishing (Brad/Dayva Spitzer); Doug Gray Auto (Doug Gray), BVG Construction (Brad-Vera Gilbert), Terry's Furniture (Joyce Schones), S&S Quality Carpet (Dave Schneberger), Interbank (Darin Schmidt, Mandi Wilson), Albert Brothers (Jimmy Albert), Chuck's Burger Restaurant (Chuck/Gena Kauk), Bank of Western Oklahoma, Culver Electric (Brandon-Jill Culver), First National Bank & Trust (David Atkinson), Mane Attraction (Neil-Christine "Hole in One" Hohnke), Premier Dental (Pete-Sheri Stover), Cloud's Lawn and Irrigation Services (Rodney-Sarah Cloud), J&J Sales (Joe-Dewana Wynn), L&R Tire (David-Rachel Poole), Gunkel Plumbing (Paul-Dee Gunkel, Roger-Gunkel), Jeff-Linda Rule, Smith Nissan (Jeff Smith), GAS (Williamson Family), Womack's (MIcahel, Kathy, Rick).... you all made Elk City Golf & Country Club look great!

At first, the tournament was threatened by rain... again! Memories of last year's first round cancellation and possible total cancellation crossed our minds. We delayed the horse race 30 minutes on Friday and it went without a problem as David beat Goliath... Eddie and MaryJane Repp, beat David & Rachel Poole (David is our current Club Champion, Rachel has been our club champion twice in the last seven years and they have won this tournament more than twice) and Rusty & daughter Kelsi Wilson, who have won the Tumbleweed twice in the last seven years, and Rusty coming from a record setting of 26 on the back nine on his ball just two weeks ago! Eddie, and especially Mary Jane, played mistake free; first beating David & Rachel in a chipoff on #8, and then Mary Jane holing a tough 4 footer after Rusty and Kelsi had ran into problems on #9. It was truly great to see how an "underdog" can sometimes beat the favorites! 

When Saturday came and no rain followed, the tournament went underway without a sign of a problem. After the flights were drawn, these are the differentials in scores:

Championship: 57 to 60
"A" 63-67 (there were no 61's and 62's)
"B" 68-71
"C" 72-75
"D" 76-79
"E" 80 and over

Keegan Halll and young sister Kinsley opened with a 57, as did Rusty and Kelsi WIlson. At 59 were Joby-Hayley Gray and Dustin Gunkel - Kelly Powell, at 60, Shorty Charensook-Megan Blonien. On Sunday, Keegan and Kinsley matched their opening score and won by 4 over Dustin & Kelly who also matched their own 59. Rusty-Kelsi had a 62 and Shorty-Megan had a 59 and tied at 119, and a playoff followed which was won by Shorty-Megan for a solo 4th.

After Saturday, there were five tied for the lead at 63: Chris-Robin Evans, David-Rachel Poole, Perry-Paige Adams, Tyler-Tory Windsor & Wes-Tasha Marshall. With scores from 63 to 67, it would be a shootout on Sunday, as anyone in this group was capable, and did, shoot in the 50's. Unfortunately and extremely sad for the tournament and for our friends Perry and Paige, we had a withdrawal because of a very serious reason: Paige ended up in the hospital that night losing a baby in a miscarriage. Our prayers and thoughts were with them then, and now, and hope for peace and healing in their family.

The Sunday "shootout" materialized... Wes-Tasha Marshall and David-Rachel Poole both shot 59's, four better than three other teams... it also put them in jeopardy of being "bumped", as the "bump-rule" was in effect, with a bump number of 3-5. Tasha Marshall volunteered to select from the blind draw and picked the only one number that would hurt those two teams... a 3!, thus, they were bumped, making room for other teams to move up in the flight. The final results were:

1st Chris-Robin Evans, 2nd Tyler-Tori Windsor, 3rd Tooby - Rachel Davis, 4th Levi-Kathy Robison.

Another flight where any of the teams were capable of shooting 3-5 shots better than they opened with! The flight was led by four teams with 68's, followed by five 69's. Highest score in the flight was a 71. The number drawn by one of the players in that flight was 3, making the target score 133 (68+65), so any team with a total score of 132 or better, would be bumped. The first "casualty" were Eddie-Mary Jane Repp who followed their opening 68 with a 63 (they would have needed for a 5 to be drawn to be first place); the second casualty were Brad-Dayva Spitzer, who followed their 68 with a 64 (they would have needed a four to be drawn). That left the flight as follows:

1st Jack Coody-U.V. Williamson 2nd Jeff-Amy Brown 3rd Jerry-Jackie Oldham 4th Aaron-Kara Kauk

Even though the number drawn was also a 3, no casualties by "bumps" in this flight, as no one scored lower that the 141 target score (72+69), in fact, no one reached it, so all were "safe". There were two playoffs, one for 1st and 2nd at 142 between Brandon-Melanie Engel and Jeff-Linda Rule, who tied at 142, and one for 3rd & 4th between Carlos-Tammy Alaniz and Phil-Devona Friesen who tied at 144. The final results after playoffs were:

1st Brandon-Melanie Engel, 2nd Jeff-Linda Rule, 3rd Carlos-Tammy Alaniz, 4th Phil Devona Friesen. 

Finally a 4 was drawn! And it helped the leaders stay as the leading and winning team. This was one of the smaller flights with only eight teams. It started with a spread of three strokes, 76-79. After no one was "bumped", the results were as follows:

1st Galen-Sussie Oliphant 2nd Joe Kim Brady T3rd Jerry-Cheryl Southerland & Rodney-Sarah Cloud.

Another 3 was drawn, and two teams were "bumped". Jerry-Karen Sizemore 80-72 were bumped, as were Bobby-Brenda Johnson (81-75).  The leader in the flight was at 80, and with a 3 drawn, the target score was 157, thus the 152 and 156 were bumped, leaving the following results

1st Dylan Ezell-Christy Lovelace 2nd Charlie-Ashley Kauk 3rd Gerald Ashley Kelley and 4th Brad-Vera Gilbert.

In the "Sunday Challenge", these were the winners in each flight:

Championship: 57 - Keegan/Kinsley Hall; 59's Dustin Gunkel-Kelly Powell and Shorty Charensook & Megan Blonien

"A": 59's Wes-Tasha Marshall, David-Rachel Poole; 63's Chris-Robin Evans; Toby-Rachel Davis

"B": 63's Eddie-May Jane Repp, Jack Coody-UV Williamson; 64 Brad-Dayva Spitzer

"C": 69's Brandon-Melanie Engel; Neil-Christine Hohnke, Phil-Devona Friesen

"D": 72's Galen-Sussie Oliphant, Rodney-Sarah Cloud; 73's Joe-Kim Brady, Jerry-Cheryl Southerland

"D": 72 Jerry-Karem Sizemore; 75 Bobby-Brenda Johnson; 77 Dylan Ezell-Christy Lovelace



You can see pictures of this year at: Tumbleweed2018Pics

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