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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Aaron Kauk, Tyler Windsor, Terry Schones
(who shed a tear or two), Caoch Brain Hunt,
Dustin Gunkel & Van Storm.
Anyone who says a mulligan does not help, better think again. That said, when you have players shooting in the 50's, I don't care if they took a mulligan or two, that is some serious golfing.

The "One Man Mulligan" tournament, which at the beginning of the week only had a few entries, ended up with 70 players, with a "deja vu" group out of which we had the individual winner for today's event:

Twenty some years ago, just like we did the last four years, Elk City had a very good golf team that won its share of tournaments and state championships. Four of those players in the 90's were Tyler Windsor, Van Storm, Aaron Kauk and Dustin Gunkel; their coach was Brian Hunt, who is now coach in Canute, OK.

Well, these five got together again and not only enjoyed the great weather and each other's company and great scores, but also the company of several of the local supporters who wanted a little taste of nostalgia. In all, it was a fitting end: one of these players' scores ended up in a tie for first and then won in a playoff!

Dustin Gunkel, who now plays golf only part time (his line of work has him working 2 weeks in, 2 weeks off), had a 57, matching Alfred "Thumper" Gaylean, and off they went to a playoff which started -and ended- on #18. With about three dozen people watching -
some from the deck that faces #18 and some who drove all the way with them-, Dustin Gunkel holed from about 6 feet for an eagle 3, while Thumper had previously missed a 12 footer for a 3 as well.

This is not a "serious" tournament (obviously not with mulligans), however, the competition is dead serious for all, particularly for the better players who want bragging rights for the next 12 months, as both golfers have had many significant golf accomplishments in western Oklahoma and are well known for their skill and friendship as well.

Just one shot behind, at 58, were Joby Gray and Mark Fairchild, one young golfer who is coming of age, and one mature golfer who also has had his share of accomplishments. A shot back at 59, was senior golfer Eddie Davis.
"This is Juloy 4th, isn't it?"

The complete results, which recognized gross and net, were as follows:

1.- (57) Dustin Gunkel
2.- (58) Mark Fairchild
3.- (59) Eddie Davis
4.- (61) Joel Paden
5.- (62) Cole Bynum
6.- (63) Craig Martin
7.- (65) Rusty Wilson
8.- (66)T Tyler Windsor, Ann Cowan

NET (Gross Score in Parenthesis):
1.- 57 (57) Alfred "Thumper" Gaylean
2.- 58 (58) Joby Gray
3.- 60 (60) Jordan Williamson
4.- 62 (62) David Poole
5.- 62 (62) Heath Barnett
6.- 63 (63) Rachel Poole
7.- 64 (70)T Brian Hunt, Jeff Donaghey

(Note: Tiebreakers were as follows: low score combination wins tie, for instance, a gross of 70 and net of 64 wins the tie against a gross of 72 and net of 64. If tie persists, lowest nine wins tie, otherwise, prizes split).

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